Referee Paging System 2020 New System

The system has a very good signal and the range is up to 200 meters. The quality of the flag is excellent. With the production of radio flags we are the only company in Austria. You get 2 year guarantee on our own brand!
Information about our own radio flags:
  • You have to push button on a flag.
  • The battery replacement plug is easy to open
  • The flags and the pager are waterproof.
  • Rotatable flagpoles with checkered flag cloths.
  • Range up to 200 meters
  • 2 flags and receiver device with sound and vibration system.
  • 2 small checkered flag cloths adjustabe or closable acoustic warning in the receiving cuff.
  • Adjustable differrent warning tones and vibration tones and vibration frequency for both flags.
  • 3 settings possible with sound (loud, quiet and only vibration)
  • 1 Flag pocket
  • 1 instruction in english
  • 2 Varta batteries
  • 1 screwdriver for the pager
  • 2 year guarantee spare parts on request for the next 5 year in stock.


400,00 € 1

350,00 €

  • 1,6 kg
  • verfügbar
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